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Game Demo

Current Version: 0.6
Last Updated: 9/15/2010

Demo Files

The demo files are Classic99 files. Just copy into the DSK1 folder, and you're ready to go!

Demo Disk (Versions 0.30 and below only)

The demo disk contains the executable and support files for the demo.

It is a V9T9/MESS-compatible disk image, formatted as a double-sided single-density (DSSD) disk, 180 kilobytes in size. You can find the MESS emulator here. If you need to convert the disk to PC99 format, or wish to transfer it to an authentic TI disk, I highly recommend the TI99-PC program, written by Palo Bagnaresi. You can download it here.

If you are using a CF card system, the utilities provided with it can transfer the image provided to your CF card.

Notice: Use the TI Disk controller over the Myarc HDFC controller, the issue is with detecting 40-track verses 80-track drive systems. You can change the active disk controller by selecting "Dip Switches" under the "Options" menu.

Loading the Demo

For MESS, you will need the Editor/Assembler cartridge to run the demo. Eventually I'll set up a loader for Extended BASIC. The demo disk is set up to load from DSK1.

  1. Start your emulator, or power on your TI.
  2. Load the Editor/Assembler cartridge. In MESS, you do this by assigning the BIN file provided above to the Cartridge #1 slot on the Devices menu. In Classic99, set to Editor/Assembler in the Cartridge drop-down menu. On your TI, you plug the cartridge in.
  3. Press any key, then press 2 to start the Editor Assembler.
  4. Select option 5.
  5. Type "DSK1.ROA" and press ENTER.
The program will now auto-load.

Version 0.60
Demo - Version 0.60 Demo - Version 0.60

Incoporates multiple design and code changes. A great deal of code is going to be unstable, so expect some interesting crashes if you get too ambitious!

And no, you can't start fighting yet.

I've blocked off a portion of the demo map because the primary focus is on the combat and inventory systems, instead of exploration. I'll open that back up later.

Demo disk 0.60 (Classic99 files in ZIP file)

Version 0.40
Demo - Version 0.40

I've removed "darkness" from maps for the moment. Until you have some way of generating a light source, no need to keep the lights out...

You can also walk over monsters now, so that way you can access all the maps present in the demo. I actually added some new ones, but you wouldn't have known because they were blocked off before.

Demo disk 0.40 (Classic99 files in ZIP file)
Demo disk 0.40 (180k DSDD V9T9/MESS disk-image)

Version 0.30
Demo - Version 0.30

Displays and status screens are now available. You can switch the active character by pressing 1-4. Pressing FCTN-1 to FCTN-4 will access the status screens for each different member of the party. Pressing FCTN-5 will access the party overview screen.

The "lighting" cheat enabled in version 0.25 is now unavailable, since I am now using the keys for other things, and I'm not testing lighting right now. Sorry. By version 0.35 you should be able to strike up a torch...

Demo disk 0.30 (Classic99 files in ZIP file)
Demo disk 0.30 (180k DSDD V9T9/MESS disk-image)

Version 0.25
Demo - Version 0.25

You can now enter and exit places, dynamically loading new maps and content. If the screen's black, that means it's a "dark" map, use the 1 and 2 keys to adjust your lighting.

The boats now work. There's only one in the demo, but you shouldn't have trouble finding it if you explore a bit. If you stay put for about a second on a river, it will carry you in the direction of the current. Waterfalls also do this, but much faster. A whirlpool harmlessly spins you around.

You can see monsters, who won't move or attack but do block you. Doors, including locked and special ones, should let you through. Except in town, which are actually entries into other forms of mobs not implemented yet.

Demo disk 0.25 (180k DSDD V9T9/MESS disk-image)

Version 0.20
Demo - Version 0.20

This version allows movement on screen in "travel" mode. The initial map loaded is the "world" map area. Mobs are placed but cannot be interacted with, so you cannot, for example, enter the village yet. You can change the map by editing the four bytes at offset 0x00004204 on the disk image. The first word (16-bytes) is the map number, and the third and fourth bytes are the X and Y coordinate, respectively. Suggested values are: Lighting is enabled. At present, the key "1" can be used to increase the radius of your party's "light source" on dark maps, while "2" decreases it. The values are not checked for overflow, so don't hold down the key.
Also, on maps that allow you to go off the edges, it will actually load a different map. So if you are on maps 1, 2, 3, or 4, you can actually return to the world map.

Demo disk 0.20 (180k DSDD V9T9/MESS disk-image)

Version 0.15
Demo - Version 0.15

Not a lot of visibility or action with this version. You should see the screen go black briefly, then the title will appear, and then a moment later the phrase "Operations complete!". This indicates that it reached the end of the initialization and loading phase and stands ready to actually begin gameplay.

Demo disk 0.15 (180k DSDD V9T9/MESS disk-image)

Demo Source

The source files are freely provided if anyone wants to examine the code, or needs to make necessary adjustments to make the program run on their configuration. I would be very interested in knowing about any difficulties.

I find TextPad a very useful program for text editing. It edits in pure ASCII as well as Unicode, and you can create your own syntax files. I created one specifically for TI assembly files, which I denoted as possessing a "_S" at the end of the name prior to the extension. You can download my syntax file here.

If you wish to re-compile the source, simply assemble the CORE_S file. Don't forget, though, that you will need to then convert it to a memory-image file using the SAVE utility from the second Editor/Assembler disk, or using another linker program.

Version 0.15
Source disk (180k DSSD V9T9/MESS disk-image)
Source files (PC-text format in zip file)

Version 0.20
Source disk (180k DSSD V9T9/MESS disk-image)
Source files (PC-text format in zip file)

Version 0.25
Source disk (180k DSSD V9T9/MESS disk-image)
Source files (PC-text format in zip file)

Version 0.30
Source disk (180k DSSD V9T9/MESS disk-image)
Source files (PC-text format in zip file)

Version 0.40
Source disk (180k DSSD V9T9/MESS disk-image)
Source files (PC-text format in zip file)

Version 0.60
Source disk (180k DSSD V9T9/MESS disk-image)
Source files (PC-text format in zip file)

Demo Version Guide

Version 0.10 - Basic program initialization, basic display generation, animation, loading of base data
Version 0.15 - Loading of map data, graphic set swaps, color changes
Version 0.20 - Keyboard interaction, movement on map (land only), LOS and lighting
Version 0.21 - Movement on map (by boat), boat mob functionality
Version 0.25 - Map switching, map exit mob functionality (able to use to load other maps)
Version 0.30 - Updating character displays, status screens, loading of item data
Version 0.40 - Sound loading and implementation
Version 0.50 - Combat engine, monster data and battlemap loading, battle initialization
Version 0.55 - Combat action programming, action determination
Version 0.60 - Item management; trading, equiping, dropping
Version 0.65 - Item giving/alteration mob functionality; buying and selling items, shopping functionality
Version 0.70 - Melee, Ranged and Sorcery combat action results
Version 0.75 - Item and artifact usage in combat
Version 0.80 - Effects implementation; combat FX, non-combat spells
Version 0.90 - Dialogue loading and decoding; sign and single-phrase mob functionality
Version 0.95 - Loader programs, disk swapping mechanisms, error-handling, in-program instructions
Version 1.00 - Complete Demo