Assembly Language Version

TI-Trek Image

I wrote this mostly as an instructional aid to assembly language. Converting a fairly complicated BASIC program to assembly is a good exercise to figure out the system. It meant I had to use and figure out the workarounds for GPLLNK, convert a program to option #5 loading, and a host of other issues. The end result is quite pleasing. Gameplay is similar to the original, but much faster. A few sound and display effects are different due to implementation, and I've added a course chart on the upper right side, since the angle system is not the usual one used in mathematics. (Where 0 is directly right, 90 is directly up, etc.)

Since TI-Trek is copyrighted to Texas Instruments, I'm distributing this as freeware. To run the program, you can either run it in Extended BASIC (it will auto-load from DSK1) or load it under option #5 on the Editor/Assembler, Funnelweb, or similar loading program as TREK1.

TI-Trek (V9T9/MESS Format)

TI-Trek (FG99 Bin Format)

Also available is a commented source code text file, so all you assembly buffs can snicker at my rough-edged work.

Key Controls:
At number prompts, press FCTN-9 to erase and re-enter a number.

C - Galactic Chart
L - Long Range Scan
T - Fire torpedo
F - Fire lasers
W - Warp to another quadrant
M - Move inside a quadrant
D - Dock with a base ship
V - Fire a volley of three torpedos with an increment angle
S - Raise/lower shields
Q - Quit game and either restart or return to Master Title Screen

You can find and download the original instructions at:

WHT Tech